Dogs need nutrients too – Golden & Jacks

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click this link now GOLDENJACKS These past couple of weeks have been probably one of the worse ones ever! Our dogs both got sick and they were in the hospital at the same time. Turns out our Maia, who’s our 12-year-old Golden had a tumor on her spleen. We had it removed and it’s not cancer! That was a relief. Our Jackie, who’s our 12-year-old Jack Russell has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  Breaks my heart.  Jackie has been my dog, my child, my partner in crime for a long time. She’s always ready to go and her little tail wags so fast you would think she could take off and fly away. I try not to think about how much time I have with her, but to enjoy every day I do have with her.

review Hearing the news made me realize even more so that dogs needs nutrients too! They have organs just like us and they depend on us to feed them. So, why wouldn’t we feed them organic, whole foods, that are also healing for their bodies??!! If you’re not careful, you could be feeding your dogs some nasty stuff that you would be disgusted if you read the labels. Same with dog treats. I make my own dog treats. They are a big hit with our pups and the neighborhood pups. Now that Jackie and Maia have special needs they will be taking some supplements to increase their liver function. These supps contain many wonderful herbs. One of them is milk thistle. Milk thistle has been around in the herb world for about 2,000 years and is most often to treat liver conditions. Milk thistle protects liver cells by stabilizing their cellular membranes. This prevents toxins to or other dangerous stuff from entering the cells. It may also stimulate production of components needed for cell division, supporting regeneration of new liver cells the compounds in milk thistle may protect against liver cancer by preventing malignant cells from growing and spreading. lists milk thistle as useful for protecting the liver from cirrhosis and improving liver function in patients with chronic liver disease. Another one is slippery elm. Slippery elm isa tree native to the northeastern United States. According to  to University of Maryland Medical Center, Native Americans used this herb as a remedy for hundreds of years. It can be used externally for numerous skin alignments such as burns, cuts and boils. When taken internally its great for help heal an array of gastric problems–such as GERD, acid reflux, sore throat and diarrhea. Next time you have a tummy ache, take some slippery elm with some licorice root. You can get this is a tea form at a health food store. I always keep this tea in my house. It helps with digestion as well.

Happy, healthy eating to you!


  1. Dominique Ekstein

    OMG… You have no idea how much I enjoyed this article. I suffer from acid reflux and it just so happens that I have a boil….YUCK!!! I am going to buy the herbs that you recommended.

    Thank you, bestest!!

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