Too little of a good thing??

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where to buy Clomiphene in nigeria Low fat diets have been all the rage for Americans for quite sometime now. Low fat this, low fat that…Did you know being on a too low fat of a diet is actually harmful to your body?

her response This is why~

del dating de escatrón Eating a too low fat diet can interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients are fat- soluble, meaning, the body needs dietary fat to use them. These vitamins store in the liver. Fat tissue are important in bodily functions such as growth and cell repair. If you’re not eating enough good fat,  you will not be getting these vitamins into your body due to them being excreted. You will then become vitamin deficient because there are not enough fat to transport them. A diet too low in fat can also hinder you getting your  essential fatty acids that we can only get from food. This may cause depression due to the fact that we’re not getting our omega’s which plays a role in our mood and behavior, it prevents cancer cell growth and can lower the risk of heart disease.

Our cells are built and run on nutrients. It’s what our bodies are made from. These tiny little molecule are such powerful things. We need to feed our cells/body a dense whole food nutrient base diet in order for our body to function at its capacity. Our cells need good fat! too much of a low-fat diet are diminishing the nutrients of our cell energy. Therefore, making our organs mal-absorption, mal-digested, decreased circulation and immune deficiency. All this can lead to organ and system dysfunction. Which then can lead to symptoms which then leads to disease. Our body is an amazing machine! Machines, need to be cared for with the proper nutrition and supplements.

Eat some fish, nuts (walnuts especially high in omegas), animal protein, eggs, olive oil (raw olive oil for use of dressings) Olive oil should not be used as a cooking oil and only should be used for dressings. olive oil turns rancid and loses its nutritional value when cooked at a high temperature. Use coconut oil or grape seed to cook with.

order neurontin online Please note: Farm raised fish usually have little omega 3 oils due to a primarily corn feed diet.  This is the same for non-grass feed beef.


Do your body some good and feed it! Feed it well and in return it will take care of you.





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