Undigested foods and our body

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buy proscar 5mg online Digestion, digestion, digestion! I posted a few posts ago about chewing our food and how important it is for our digestion system. I thought I would go a bit deeper and explain why undigested fats is a no-no to our body.

tinidazole over the counter walgreens Our digestion process starts with our brain. We need to be relaxed when we’re eating to start digestion. Many of us are on the go and in stress mode. When we eat, we should be relaxing so that our brain can start the process of digestion. We need to chew our food. This is very important as it breaks down the food. If we do not chew our food, it places burden our stomach and will not produce saliva. Saliva plays a big role in digestion. Saliva has a mixture of enzymes, hormones and electrolytes. If the proper enzymes are not activated (activated by the brain) then the foods we eat will not be broken down. This can lead to starches in the small intestine leaving starch to enter the colon and feed yeast that may be there. Our stomach is very acidic, which we want, so we are able to break down our food. Stress, carbs, excess alcohol intake, and allergies can decrease the HCI production (stomach acid). When this happens we are subject to yeast, bacteria, virus, and parasites. When the pH is accurate it should be 1.5-3.0. Pepsin will actually digest these critters into food. One of many issues with low HCI is the fat that has not been digested becomes rancid in our stomachs (ICK!), carbohydrates ferment and proteins putrefy. This causes a reflux or a backward flow into the esophagus, which causes it to burn. Undigested proteins impact the villi and microvilli of the small intestine. The function of the villi and microvilli of the small intestine is to increase the surface area in order to maximize the efficiency of absorption. When the villi and microvilli are damaged, the toxins mentioned above as well as the undigested foods such as fats and protein were not absorbed and may leak out of the intestines and into our blood stream. This is called leaky gut syndrome. This allows proteins and fats to pass through the gut in inappropriate sizes and this causes stress on our immune system. This can lead to many health problems such as gastrointestinal issues, abdominal bloating, a reduction in nutrients, excessive gas, constipation or diarrhea, IBS, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune disorders and cramps

where can i buy kamagra oral jelly in melbourne A Maldigested food also leaves the colon subject to inflammation and disrupting the healthy flora. Without it, the butyric will not be produced and this weakens the cells of the colon.  This leaves the colon weak, causing entire different issues such as IBS, celiac and Crohns.

Next time you’re eating, take a moment to smell, see and give thanks for your food! Allow the brain to start the digestion process. This is called eating in an sympathetic state. Best thing you can do for your stomach.



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